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Black Hat Magick is a serial webfiction story set in Tempe, AZ at Arizona State University following the exploits and adventures of Elaine Mercer and her friends. It’s an urban fantasy work with a lot of cybermagickal elements, in a sort of cyberpunk-meets-geek-noir sort of skein intended for a geekier audience than most; however, it has elements that should compel even the most staunch reader of genre fiction.

Due to a hard drive crash early 2011, the webserial has been offline for many months and the first volume Dread Vote is not currently available; however, it’s expected to be compressed into an ebook and published on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords soon.

As with the previous volume, Tango & Cache (Volume 2) will be released on a schedule of Monday and Thursday mornings; but with the twist that the last week of the month will be skipped (and perhaps will publish an essay, contest, or a short-story pertaining to the characters.) The main characters, Elaine Mercer, Frog, and Hadaly, all have accounts on the blog and can respond directly to comments directed at them.

Once the smoldering wreckage of the failed hard drive is recovered the comic strip that accompanied Black Hat Magick will be restored and perhaps also so shall Volume 1.

Thank you for your patience.

Volume 2 of Black Hat Magick: Tango & Cache is set to begin soon.

— Kyt Dotson


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